Ancient Anasazi Sacred Places Photography Workshop

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Photographing Ancient Anasazi Sacred Places & Celebrating Navajo Culture

October 4-11, 2013

ERASE TIME! Intimately explore the ancient landscape and cultures of Northern New Mexico with fine-art photographer Lorran Meares in this 8-day photography workshop that brings your creativity to life, culminating with a day-long fine-art post-processing and printing session in the historic capital—Santa Fe. Seamlessly transition from the exquisite ruins of North America’s most-prized archaeological complex—Chaco Canyon, a World Heritage Site, stretching back nearly a thousand years—to the contemporary Pueblo peoples whose Anasazi ancestors labored under the baking desert sun to construct these monuments to time. Generous photographic sessions in these spiritually powerful spaces of wonder and awe offer opportunities for deep, rewarding (sometimes life-changing) experiences merging with place and beginnings.

Once Chaco has whet your appetite for ancient architecture, dynamic desert skies and earth’s raw sienna, tackle the geological formations of Bisti Badlands and Shiprock Peak. For those fascinated with the realism of 3D, Lorran is including bonus sessions sharing his techniques for creating stereo and hyper-stereo photographs, as well as an introduction to night-time, light-painting. You don’t need special equipment to do this as Lorran will teach you how to create fantastic results with whatever camera you wish to bring.

The Yei bi Chéi Ceremony at Shiprock, a 9-day ritual of night chants performed by Yei dancers, is a significant cultural event and offers participants an exciting and eclectic image-making opportunity. Celebrate Navajo culture as we participate in the 102nd Northern Navajo Nation Fair!

The Santa Fe digital post processing and print modules by photographer and fine-art digital printer Lynn Lown, owner of New Media Arts, not only teaches you how to get the best from your images, but also provides you with a finished 3D stereo card (stereo viewer included) or digital fine-art print of your choosing to take home. The $1,100 tuition* per person includes all lodging, but does not include transportation to the Farmington, New Mexico, base.

Don’t delay, as this 8-day workshop is limited to 12 participants. A $150 deposit (refundable only if workshop is cancelled) with reservation. Please request Itinerary PDF with additional reservation information and full schedule.

* If you were a participant in a previous workshop presented by either photographer, we will apply a thank-you discount to the current tuition. Students currently enrolled in a photography program also may apply for reduced tuition.

CONTACT US to enroll or inquire.