About Charlotte Meares

about-charlotte-mearesThe author of three books—Surviving: A guide for victims, families, friends and professionals, Fire of a Thousand Suns (the development of the atomic bomb, the B-29, with foreword by Enola Gay pilot Ret. Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets) and Weaving the Scarlet Macaw, Hosig Di Rainforest Baskets of Panama, —Charlotte Meares has served as editor for a daily newspaper in the East, concurrently instructing writing and journalism courses for several colleges and universities.

Charlotte’s positions in the communications field are varied and have included: writer and instructional designer with an international training corporation, producing training programs and leadership/management skill development and communications material for Fortune 500 companies; director of an arts council; director of marketing and public relations for Opera Omaha; and marketing associate for the Nebraska Methodist Health System.  She is often invited to present seminars in personal financial planning and public relations writing for organizations and non-profit groups.

In 1988 she launched her own marketing and public relations company.  Three years later, she founded a non-profit environmental education institute in Nebraska that expanded its work in other states.

Together, she and Lorran work on creative projects and have conducted many field photographic workshops to help foster understanding of Native American culture and sacred sites preservation.  Their field education workshops include cultural and environmental topics in Belize, New Zealand, and Guatemala, and for the past ten years they have been working with the Wounaan Indians in the Darién Rainforest of Panama.



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