3D Illustrative Photography

Illustrative photography is generally thought of as image-making whose primary purpose is to illustrate or advertise a product, a company image, or subject for publication.

When creating a photograph for commercial purposes, I oftentimes use 3D stereoscopic light-painting to illustrate unique products or interpretively present works of art by other artists.

There’s a saying that resonates for me when doing commercial work. “Sell your skills and talents, buy bewilderment.”

I feel like I have succeeded when the subject reveals itself to a collector, art fancier, or museum goer in such a way as to create an intense desire for the work being presented.

“Stereo-light-painting,” is my adaptation of 3D photography methods to incorporate an “immersive” element, a heightened awareness component into the final work that simply cannot be created with traditional one-eyed camera techniques.

No Photoshop manipulation is involved in the creation of these 3D stereoscopic images. All of the “work” takes place in front of the camera by incorporating special light-painting techniques that present the subject to whatever recording medium is utilized. While most of the images in this website were created on film, digital technology merely substitutes a sensor in place of the traditional light-sensitive film emulsion.