3D Sacred Places | The Hidden World of Spirit

Night magnifies the differences between material culture and the subtle, deeper, hidden world of spirit. The late Cheyenne spiritual leader Bill Tallbull explained: “When five o’clock comes along, he [the archaeologist] hangs up his boots. This is the time of day when the spiritual part of the valley comes alive, in the evening and in the darkness. A lot of spirits don’t come out until the sun sets.”

That’s when I make photographs.

Photoshop manipulation was never in the creation of these 3D stereoscopic images. In fact, most of the images in this website were created on film, long before digital technology even became possible.  Today, a much more sensitive electronic sensor takes the place of “analog” silver-halide based emulsions.

During the light-painting experience, all of the “work” takes place in front of the camera. I would simply remove the lens-caps and “paint.” By traversing the entire scene, carefully sensing  which subjects to illuminate and which should remain subdued, I gave voice to the “hidden world of spirit.” It’s that kind of intuitive process that defined what film was permitted to record.

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