Lorran Meares | Award-Winning Photography Painted with Light

Intuitively, we know that certain places are sacred. The space between our night-time dream life, or fantasy world, and reality abounds with energy that is spiritually regenerative and transformative. Through art, we express the visual metaphors for renewal, helping us to understand our connectedness to all things. In my photography, Nature extends her guiding hand, co-creating the experience of a sacred place. Enlightened civilizations past and present challenge us to learn anew the lessons of time.

Beneath the cloak of darkness, I move about unseen in front of the camera, selectively illuminating the subject or sacred landscape with only a hand-held flashlight. This light-painted night photography process is both liberating and ritualistic. The resulting fine-art mindscapes, created in stereoscopic 3D, help me express the need for both Native American cultural and site preservation as well as environmental protection—not only around my town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, but also around the world.

Lorran Meares began creating provocative, award-winning photography painted with light in the 1970s. 3D stereoscopic installations provide the primary mechanism for display in galleries and museum exhibitions.